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Introducing ImprovPal... The Humor Sales System

ImprovPal leverages the power of professional comedians and proven sales copy to create something so totally unique that you'll wonder why it's never been used together before!

Damon Nelson

ImprovPal includes all the tools you need to create fast, funny, and effective sales copy for your sites and social media content

ImprovPal makes it simple for you to:

  • Establish instant credibility and a memorable personality with a simple addition to your website
  • Be totally different from your competition, simply by using humor to sell.
  • Professionally written and entertaining sales scripts that you simply cut-copy-paste into VideoPal.
  • Show your customers a totally unique sales page, using a variety of animated avatars, customized voices, and professionally written humor sales scripts.
  • Engage your consumers with humor like never before, you can actually tickle them!
  • Build instant rapport with humor, creating a sense of trust that increases the ability to close the sale.

And what makes this even better...

There's never been an easier or more fun way to engage your visitors on your sales page which also means you're not stuck feeling like most marketers, that are solely focused on the sales message that they don't understand the psychology of what it takes to actively engage the visitor.

With humor, causes your visitor to release endorphins in their mind, making them happy and subconsciously wanting to BUY from you...

PLUS you can be up and running in as little as 30 seconds...

And best of all...
You'll start seeing results with "ImprovPal" almost immediately!

So again, if you're a Marketer that wants an easy way to increase user engagement and make more sales, understand this, Simply make a small change on your page. Add ImprovPal today and you will get:

  • G-rated and R-rated versions of highly effective sales copy
  • How to add personality to the VideoPal avatars
  • How to easily modify the VideoPal text-to-speech technology to include emphasis and pauses (which are critical to humor)

So go ahead and click the order link now and you'll be on your way to enjoying all the benefits we've talked about here and more!

Using ImprovPal scripts helped me increase interest on my site. It was easy to implement and really enjoyed the comedy sketches in the training course.

Lee Nguyen Lee Nguyen

Let's get started right now!

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Here's What You're Getting When
You Purchase ImprovPal Today...

What is ImprovPal

Learn from professional Improv Actors how to take any sales copy and turn it into a humorous and entertaining scripts that you can use to keep visitor on sites longer and increase sales and conversions.

How to Be Funny

Being funny doesn't always come naturally. In fact, most comedians have to work at it for years. Well you now have your fingertips, a shortcut to years of comedy training. This fun and easy way to learn "How to be Funny" will get you writing your own jokes and humor scripts on the very first day.

Humor System Scripts

ImprovPal leverages the power of professional comedians and proven sales copy that converts, to create a simple cut-copy-paste system of scripts. Plug them directly into VideoPal or any other text to speech system. Or better yet, grab these scripts and voice them yourself or hire them out on Fiverr.

Text to Speech Scripting

We're going to show you how to make that Robotic voice come alive. And how to use a secret TTS scripting language to give the Avatar a voice with pausing and emphasis. This is the heartbeat of comedic timing.

VideoPal + ImprovPal is a game changer. Thanks Damon and Dan!

Mary T. Mary T.

Here is a walk through of what you'll be getting today

Plus, Get These Bonuses During Our Early Bird Launch

Bonus #1: Examples of Our Best Avatars

Copy Our Best Avatars

We show you our best examples of Avatars AND give you the exact scripts. So all you have to do is copy and paste them into your own VideoPal account and you're ready to go

Bonus #2: Avatar Personalities

Fun Personalities

Writing to a personality helps you get the humor quick and easily. These Avatar personalities help you get up and running lickity-split in no time. Plus they will make you laugh and make it easy to write for them.

Bonus #3: Jokes

Jokes and Teasers

We put our comedians to work to not only write some custom jokes, but dive deep into their own honey hole of improv jokes that have been used successfully onstage to get laughs and chuckles. We give you some of our very best standalone (or on stage) jokes to add some additional content and personality to your Avatars.

Bonus #4: Improv Creativity Exercises

Get Creative and Communicate

Here are some of the best improv exercises that will get a group of people talking. It's not just for improv actors. This is an incredible way to get the mind flowing with creative ideas when working with others.

ImprovPal with the bonuses is a no brainer. I can create funny scripts apply them to VideoPal and then overlay an avatar over my videos, this is so cool.

James Thomas James Thomas
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Bonus #5: The Perfect Green Screen for VideoPal

Put Yourself into VideoPal

Here's the easiest way to put yourself into VideoPal using our "Perfect Green Screen Methodl". This training will show you exactly how to add yourself or other actors to VideoPal, without the green haze or defringing issues that most people have.

Bonus #6: How to Add Avatars in your own movies

Put these Cool Avatars into Videos

This is a cool trick to take your Videopal avatars off the page and put them in your own movies.

Bonus #7: How to Make Your Own Avatar from YouTube

Make Your Own Avatars

This is a cheap way to make your own avatar using YouTube and a video editor. Great way to add some video animations into Videopal

Bonus #8: Just for Fun

Just for Fun Stuff

Here is some fun stuff that we had to throw in. Plus we'll be adding to this content over time

After learning how to write comedy, I am glad they have the pre-made Humor Sales Scripts. I mean writing comedy is fun once you know how to do it, but it's sure nice to have someone else do it for you.

Michael Carter Michael Carter
ImprovPal Basic
Solo Entrepreneur Pkg
$371-time purchase
  • ImprovPal Humor Sales Training System
    A complete training course on how to add write your own humor sales scripts, and much much more...
  • 20+ Humor Sales Scripts
    A “Done For You” scripting system that includes everything needed to instantly apply both humor and a personality to your web pages.
  • Private Facebook Group
    Get tips, tricks, and other helpful information from our own ImprovPal comedians, as well as the entire group of ImprovPals
  • 30 Local Business Attractor Videos
ImprovPal Pro
Professional Pkg
Most Popular
$391-time purchase
  • ImprovPal Humor Sales Training System
  • 40+ Humor Sales Scripts
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 30 Local Business Attractor Videos
    30 lead generation videos to help you sell your web services to local businesses. Written and professionally produced to introduce the power of video to business owners in the top 30 local niches

Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone use comedy?
Yes, we provide you with the underlying mechanics of how comedy works. We also include the various joke structures and best practices


Will I need any special software?
No, all you need is an open mind (ok, maybe something to use to capture the jokes like a pen and paper). We designed this to work with the VideoPal system. But you can use these scripts anywhere you have the need for professionally written or spoken sales copy with a twist..


Does Humor Really Help Sales?
Yes! major brands use various forms of humor in their TV ads to help with recollection and brand positioning. You will be able to help increase sales using the same methods. What do you remember from the Superbowl?


What if I run out of ideas?
No problem. We have developed the ImprovPal system to help you create new ideas and have fun doing it. We give you lots of videos to generate your own idea factory in your mind. But if you want a done for you system, that will provide you with additional humor scripts each and every month, along with niche and seasonal material - Then we do have the script club available at $47/month or you grab it now in the agency package for a huge discount.

Do you have any Upsells or OTO's?
Yes, we have exclusive discounted one-time-offers available during this launch. And if you already own VideoPal, you literally can have fun and entertaining selling avatars within minutes of your purchase.


Is there a Facebook Group?
Yes. We will have a private Facebook Group just for ImprovPal members. Here you can swap jokes, avatars, and success stories. Plus, we’ll be adding fresh new content, jokes, memes, and occasionally homework (OK, comedy shows to watch). As well as, we’ll often make special membership announcements and offer prize contests to our members. I’ve been told that this group alone is easily worth hundreds of dollars by itself.


Can I buy more than one ImprovPal?
Yes. My son wants to go to Harvard, if you buy 500 Improv Pals that will pay for his 1st two months at college. Seriously, this is THE package that will help you increase awareness and drive sales.


I don't own VideoPal do you have a discount code?
Yes. once you're an ImprovPal customer, we have a special access to the backdoor of VideoPal. Knock 3 times and when Bruno the bouncer opens that door, tell him ImprovPal sent you. (or just click the discount link on our getting started page)

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want you to be completely satisfied with this purchase and have a wonderful life. If you find that the training, scripting system, demonstration videos, bonuses, private Facebook group, and training webinar are not working for you, then simply send a cancellation request to within 30 days of your purchase, along with your JVZoo receipt.

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